I like detail. A lot. I also like deserts and alpine landscapes. These come from the beach at Port Fairy on one of those trips where there was no sun and not much to do.

A while back, I became fascinated by these portals to other worlds. Under our feet lie the cables and pipelines that bring us so many utilities that we take for granted. Often they are covered with seemingly rather pedestrian covers that fail to reveal the intricacies of the material networks that make our ephemeral lives possible. Sometimes, almost always, if you look closely enough, they are quite beautiful.

My friend Boo Chapple invited me to be a guest at a Hand to Mouth performance. I was fortunate to be given a front row seat. These images appeared in Photofile alongside my darling Dazza’s words about the event – look it up.


Sydney Biennial – just 2 days before we lost my son’s dad to ‘the war on drugs’ – that war that takes hurt and broken people and makes them and not power the enemy. He loved art. He was an artist. He just didn’t know it. And I didn’t know he would die just after these images were taken. He might have liked them,