I am a media-maker, an academic and a human being that likes investigating innovative media production practices for social change, media arts and collaborative, networked media. I live and work in Melbourne, Australia and I was a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at Swinburne University of Technology.

I recently completed a film, in collaboration with Andrew Dodd and six students (Alex, Dani, Jakeb, Ben, Don and Johnno), about The Warrigal Creek Massacre. It premiered in Stratford, Gippsland in April and several more screenings are planned throughout this year (2018).

Since leaving Swinburne, I have continued to work on the film and we have plans to commence another later this year.

I am also volunteering at CERES in propagation one day a week and I am a member of The Compost Depot.

I was the co-convenor (with Oliver Vodeb) of 2014’s Memefest Symposium and Workshops where we worked to create a collaborative hub in the newly formed Faculty of Health Arts and Design by bringing together people from Aboriginal communities, academics and our students to participate in a process of extradisciplinary research, innovative pedagogy and community engagement around the theme Radical Intimacies: Dialogue in Our Times. We collaborated again in 2016 around the theme of Pleasure.

I was also the online project co-ordinator for Unipollwatch http://unipollwatch.org.au, a unique exercise in cross-campus cooperation to cover the 2014 Victorian state election. Students at LaTrobe, Melbourne, RMIT and Swinburne Universities are working together to cover some of the most interesting electorates in the lead up to the poll on 29 November 2014.

In 2014, as one of the Executive Producers of  SwinTV – http://swintv.net – I assisted in the creation of a documentary titled Bridging the Gap (which can be viewed online here). In this very special episode of the Ivory Tower, Swinburne Media, Journalism and Politics students investigated how the people of East Timor are addressing the lingering effects of a prolonged occupation to build a sustainable, united and prosperous future for their country.